It is our view that the strongest students deserve the best teachers and content, and an environment focused on deep learning.


Our faculty members are intellectually curious and highly capable, and they are here because they want to help students learn deeply and be successful in, and long after, college. 

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Within days of enrolling, our students rave about the social culture and experience (we humbly call it magic).

New Campus

As we are now approaching capacity in our current location, and continue to grow, we have begun plans for a stand-alone building and small campus.


Last year, we went on 25 field trips and 4 overnight trips, had 9 guest speakers, and supported 6 community service projects. Follow us on Facebook to see what we're doing this year!


Our students are working on the rehabilitation of one of the oldest African American schoolhouses in Loudoun County, Virginia, and, in so doing, are bringing back to life an important piece of the county’s history.

What We're Reading