Innovative Academic Program and Student Freedom


We design our program and learning environment with a focus on strong academics which means:

  • We seek to enroll students who love learning.

  • We hire bright teachers who love learning and teaching and who are qualified to teach their subjects at a college level, and these teachers have great freedom to select content and design courses they find compelling.

  • We use books and other course content normally reserved for college and graduate courses.

  • Our classes are small, discussion-based seminars that promote thoughtfulness and encourage students to reflect on the complexity and importance of the subjects they’re studying.

  • Classes are designed to connect to the larger world, and we build experiences outside of school into our coursework.

  • Students are not judged, or limited, by their chronological age, so our classes often have students from multiple grade levels.

  • As adults, we do not always know what is best for students, so we seek to learn from students and to give them opportunities to explore and to develop their own interests.

  • We value innovation and flexibility in program design over conventional wisdom. As teachers and administrators we are always learning, so the school is always changing.

  • There are no shortcuts. Time and effort students invest working on rigorous content and assignments are the wellspring of real learning and academic achievement.