Faculty and Staff


Our teachers are extraordinary. Faculty members are intellectually curious and highly capable, and they are here because they want to help students learn deeply and be successful in, and long after, college.

All have advanced or engineering degrees (often PhDs), and are subject matter experts in the subjects they teach. Many are former professionals (e.g., lawyer, engineer, software developer) who can make memorable connections between course content and the real world. And we have a 1:4 faculty:student ratio, and a 1:3 adult:student ratio, so students have more direct time with their teachers than anywhere else.

Our focus is teacher quality and individual attention, which is why our students love learning.

Middle School Outcomes


Our middle school program is designed to prepare students to excel in high school, academically and socially.

High School Outcomes

Our high school program prepares students to excel in any college and professional program, academically and socially.

College Counseling

College advising at the Loudoun School is student-driven, with the benefit of individualized guidance from our Director based on her ongoing research on the admissions process and regular conversations with college admissions officers.


This is the only school where every one of our students works at the right level. We meet you where you are, independent of your age. For example, we have sixth graders working with college-level humanities content, and eighth graders beginning advanced math usually reserved only for highly selective STEM high schools.

Our academic program is built around great books, great questions, and STEM-courses that illuminate the real world. We select only the finest content (rich texts instead of textbooks, open-ended questions instead of worksheets, and distinguished speakers discussing current, complex issues).

School Profile

Our school profile offers a brief summary of key features of our school, and is similar to the profile we send to colleges when seniors apply.

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