Thank you for shepherding my daughter and me through the college admissions process with efficiency and grace and humor. We could not have asked for a better guide.

First, you met with my daughter and listened to what she wanted in a college. Then, you were always there for her to talk to about essays and your honest feedback kept her working to make the essays better and better. You also arranged for Hopkins to come visit LSG and she had a wonderful opportunity to speak to the regional representative. You coached her on that interview and what to expect and how to prepare. You looked over her entire application and were the adult she trusted to review her responses before she hit the send button. Throughout, you recognized my panic and anxiety about this process and made me laugh and gave me perspective.

Thank you for the help with colleges and for the help with internship applications and in finding summer opportunities and filling out job applications and not the least for allowing my daughter to sleep on your office couch when she needed to rest during the day!
— Parent

What makes our college admissions program exceptional? 

Personalized College Counseling
Sylvia Israel, our Director, works with each student to help them find the best fit for college, and to help colleges understand our school and our students. Ms. Israel meets with students and parents beginning as early as 8th grade to help them understand and navigate the admissions process.


College Visits and Discussions
As a school, we tour colleges every year - from Harvard and Stanford to William & Mary and UVA. Beginning in sixth grade, students get a taste of what is available and, as they progress through middle and high school, narrow their focus to the schools that are the best fit for their interests and goals.

Working Relationships with Faculty 
We treat our students as junior colleagues. We also work with students over many years, so when teachers write college recommendation letters, it is with a deep knowledge of each student, which is critical to help colleges understand why our students are exceptional.

LSG is located in Ashburn, VA, but for those of you coming from Reston or points east, we offer a morning and afternoon shuttle from the Reston Silver Line Metro Station.