Loudoun School for Advanced Studies’ CyberPatriot team is open to middle and high school students. It is the premier national youth cyber education program created to inspire students to consider careers in cyber security or other STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future. The program was created by the Air Force Association to build the following skills:

  • Cyber ethics

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Creative and analytical problem solving

  • Nontechnical cyber principles (ex: social engineering, phishing, vishing, etc.)

  • Computing and networking principles

  • Operating systems

  • Network topologies & cabling

  • Foundational cyber security principles

  • Cyber and system vulnerabilities

  • Network security

  • Vulnerability remediation

  • Technical threats

CyberPatriot is not:

  • “Hacker training”

  • A recruiting tool for the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or the Federal Government

There is a $50 competition fee which is due in April.

If you would like to be added to our interest list, please complete the form below.


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