From the Founder


This school is the product of what I have learned over 15 years as a teacher in graduate, undergraduate and secondary school classrooms, and as a researcher studying critical thinking and decision making processes. More importantly for our students, this school is the product of my experiences over 25 years as a student. 

Articles by Deep

To be part of Deep Sran's vision for gifted education is to witness optimism in practice.  At Loudoun School for the Gifted, his unyielding commitment to ideals takes shape through his practical approach to the demands of each day.  School can be beautiful, he insists. That beauty resides in small acts: the ninth grader grappling with Homer in the margins of The Iliad, the rich silence after a well-posed seminar question, the vibrant, coffee-fueled faculty collaborations across disciplines. Deep both creates and inspires these moments of beauty through his work and example. Deep shares his thoughts and vision on how education can be beautiful: