Local Field Trips

Past local field trips include:

  • Antietam

  • Georgetown University Law Center

  • Harpers Ferry

  • Leesburg Stream Water Quality Monitoring

  • Mount Vernon

  • National Institutes of Health

  • Shakespeare Theater, Washington, D.C.

  • Shakespeare Theater, Staunton. VA

  • U.S. Capitol, U.S. Senate

  • U.S. Dept. of State Conferences

  • Arlington National Cemetery

  • Gettysburg

  • Kennedy Center

  • Library of Congress

  • National Archives

  • National Weather Service Dulles Airport Facility

  • Polyface Farm, Swoope, VA

  • Smithsonian Museums in D.C. and Virginia (Air & Space, American Indian, Art, Natural History, Portrait Gallery)

  • U.S. Science and Engineering Festival

  • Washington Post Production Facility

  • Folger Theater, Washington, DC

  • Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Lectures by Bestselling Authors and Nobel Laureates

  • Mirant (Dickerson, MD) Power Plant

  • Monticello and UVA

  • National Building Museum

  • Richmond, VA

  • Solar Decathlon

  • U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument

  • West Wing of The White House

Fall Overnight Trips

Each fall, we take an overnight trip to both explore an area and get to know each other better. Opportunities like this one of the many reasons for our incredible social atmosphere. Past fall trips include:


2018-2019 Philadelphia Fall Trip Highlights:

Boston, 2017

2017-2018 Boston Fall Trip Highlights:

Boston, 2017

2016-2017 New Orleans Fall Trip Highlights:

New Orleans, 2016


2015-2016 Pittsburgh Fall Trip Highlights:


2014-2015 Boston Fall Trip Highlights:


2013-2014 New York Fall Trip Highlights:

  • Guggenheim

  • Metropolitan Museum

  • MOMA

  • Museum of Natural History

  • New York Public Library

  • United Nations.

International High School Trips

2016-2017 Peru High School Trip Highlights:

Peru, 2017

2015-2016 Italy High School Trip Highlights: The Rise and Fall of Roman Civilization
and the Italian Renaissance:

Part I: The Rise and Fall of Roman Civilization 

Part II: The Italian Renaissance. Why Here, Why Now 

  • Thursday (Theme: The Renaissance. One or many?)

  • Friday (Theme: The Florentine Renaissance as the Creation of the Middle Class)

  • Saturday (Theme: The Renaissance in Venice)

  • Sunday (Theme: The Most Serene Republic of Venice: East Meets West)

    • Gondola tour of Venice

  • Monday departure




2014-2015 Japan High School Trip Highlights:

  • Friday & Saturday

    • Our adventure began at Dulles airport on Friday afternoon, May 15th, for a direct flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo. We arrived on Saturday at 4:00 pm.

    • After arriving, we checked into our hotel, the Tokyo Prince Hotel and went out to find dinner.We went out for ramen, crepes, and waffles and ice cream at the Tokyo Tower.

  • Sunday

    • We met up early for the walk to the Imperial Palace and enjoyed beautiful gardens on the way.

    • We enjoyed walking around the Imperial Palace grounds with Stephen (Deep's friend from grad school who accompanied us on this trip) acting as our guide

    • After the palace, we spent some time in the shopping district of Ueno, visiting some of the many shops that are located under the elevated railroad tracks.

    • One group then went to a Tokyo Giants game at Tokyo Dome, while the other went to Tokyo SkyTree and shopping.

  • Monday

    • We got the day started very early so that we could visit the Tsukiji Fish Market. This extremely busy market was fascinating. Then we walked around and had a sushi lunch nearby. After lunch, we went to a temple and shopping in Asakusa/Kappabashi.

    • In the afternoon, we went to a Sumo Tournament and spent three hours watching 15 very short matches.

  • Tuesday

    • We spent Tuesday touring Tokyo: visiting Yasukuni Shrine and other shrines and shopping. We met up for lunch at Ikebekuro for a tempura lunch as a group. Then we divided into three groups to hit sights we wanted to visit or revisit, including the Tokyo National Museum andHarajuru (for our second karaoke event). One highlight at the museum was 800-year-old samurai sword that looks like new.

    • Dinner was Belgian or Sushi, with the latter group traveling to a hole-in-the-wall sushi spot that barely held a group of ten. This is where Stephen's Japanese fluency comes in very handy, and the regulars were very impressed with our students' trip far from home.

  • Wednesday

    • On Wednesday morning, we left for Kyoto by high speed train.

    • Kyoto was spared an atomic blast because Secretary of War Stimson had his honeymoon here and made sure Kyoto was not targeted.We visited theToji Temple and the tallest pagoda in Japan, dating from 1645.

    • And finished our day with dinner.

  • Thursday

    • We took an early train to Osaka to visit the Osaka Prefectural Neyagawa Senior High School. We toured the school, spent time with the students and even got to practice calligraphy. Our students participated in a lesson on Osaka, with each topic presentation followed by a conversation with their Japanese counterparts-asking questions, sharing ideas, etc.We took an evening train back to Kyoto for the night.

  • Friday

    • Friday we started with an early train to Hiroshima, and stopped in Himejito see the UNESCO World Heritage site, a 400-year-old wooden castle keep and fortress. After shopping we took the train to Hiroshima and walked to the atomic bomb site after dinner.

  • Saturday

  • Sunday

  • Monday & Tuesday

    • On Monday morning, we did a little more siteseeing in Kyoto and then at 11:00 am headed to the airport. We arrived at the airport to find our flight had been cancelled. At 11:00 pm, we finally got on a flight bound for Honalulu.We had a six hour layover in Hawaii, so we took advantage of this time to go to the Pearl Harbor Memorial or Wakiki beach.

    • We finally arrived home, after another nine hours in the air, at 7:00 am on Tuesday morning.


2013-2014 Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, & Germany High School Trip Highlights:


2012-2013 China High School Trip Highlights:

Middle School
US Trip

2016-2017 Maine Middle School Trip Highlights:

Maine, 2017

2015-2016 Seattle Middle School Trip Highlights

We had an incredible trip to Seattle from May 21st to the 26th. Some quick fun facts:

  • 18 of us spent 127 hours together in an airplane, bus, hotel, monorail car, or boat.

  • We walked a total of approximately 35 miles throughout the trip.

  • We took over 1,000 pictures, but you'll only see a small portion below. Find more on our Flickr account.

Saturday - Travel Day

  • We met at the airport on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Seattle at 6:30 pm Pacific time.

  • After checking in, we enjoyed some swimming at the pool and had pizza from Zeeks Pizza, "the best pizza in Seattle."

Sunday - Touring the City

  • We started our day off traveling to Pioneer Square for the Underground City Tour where we learned the history of Seattle and saw the now-underground streets and businesses of Seattle's past.

  • Lunch at Casco Antiguo was our next stop.

  • While we were in Pioneer Square, we got to see some filming for an upcoming major Hollywood movie. Didn't see any of the stars, though...

  • We boarded shuttles and headed to Ballard Locks after lunch. The fish ladder was closed, but it was interesting to see how they manage the fish and water through the locks. We also explored the Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden while there.

  • On the way back to downtown Seattle, we stopped to visit the Fremont Troll.

  • And then headed to Seattle center where we split up for dinner and then visited the Space Needle Observation Tower and Chihuly Garden & Glass.

  • We ended the evening at a playground near the Space Needle where even the teachers enjoyed some climbing.

Monday - San Juan Island and Orcas

  • Monday was our day on the water - almost ten hours on one ferry or another. We took the 8:15 am Victoria Clipper trip to Friday Harbor and then departed immediately for our whale watching adventure. We saw several pods of orca whales (yea!), seals, sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, and a couple of bald eagles.

  • After the whale watching trip, we had a couple of hours in Friday Harbor to explore, visit the Whale Museum, visit some stores, and grab some food for the ferry.

  • On the trip back, we played a lot of cards (Rummy, BS, and Capitalism) and Settlers of Catan.

  • We landed at Pier 69 and walked back to the hotel through the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Tuesday - Boeing and Universities

  • On Tuesday morning, we boarded a bus and headed to Everett for the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour. We had to survive for 90 minutes with no phones, cameras, purses, or food - it was quite a "struggle," but well worth it.

  • We stopped at the Kerry Park Outlook for some photos next.

  • The University of Washington followed. First, we enjoyed lunch at the HUB and then had a self-guided tour of the campus ending at the Burke Museum.

  • Next was the University of Seattle where we met with the MRC Coalition and heard about their protest.

  • After this meeting, we walked to Pioneer Square for dinner and then walked back to our hotel.

Wednesday - Snoqualmie Falls

  • Wednesday morning we boarded the bus and headed for Snoqualmie where we had a nature hike to the base of Snoqualmie Falls and also learned about their hydroelectric power generation. Sharon's Fitbit registered over 100 floors after the hike back to the top of the falls.

  • We headed into Snoqualmie for lunch next.

  • Then moved on to the scenic outlook, Snoqualmie Point, for some pictures.

  • Pike Place Market was our next stop, followed by a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel.

  • We wrapped up our last day with a great dinner at Ivar's on the waterfront.


2014-2015 San Francisco Middle School Trip Highlights:

We had an incredible trip to San Francisco from May 17th to the 22nd. Some quick fun facts:

  • 24 of us spent 134.5 hours together in an airplane, bus, hotel, cab, or boat.

  • We walked a total of approximately 104,356 steps (according to one parent's Garmin), or 46.9 miles.

  • One parent took approximately 1300 photos of which you'll see only a small portion here.


  • We met at the airport bright and early on Sunday. We departed for San Francisco on an 8:30 am flight and arrived at 11:34 am Pacific time to start our adventure.

  • Our bus met us at the airport and took us to our hotel, Hotel Tomo, to drop off our luggage.

  • After getting rid of our luggage, our bus took us to Golden Gate Park. We bought lunch at some "gourmet" food trucks and listened to the Golden Gate Park Band.

  • Next, we walked over to the Japanese Tea Garden where we enjoyed our own little trip to Japan. We walked the beautiful grounds and enjoyed tea and cookies at the cafe there. After tea, we headed over to the Observation Tower for a bird's eye view of the area.

  • We walked across the street to the California Academy of Sciences next.

  • We took some Uber taxis back to the hotel and walked from there into Japantown where we had dinner at Kushi Tsum.


  • We all met up at 7:30 am in Ms. Gam's room for a quick continental breakfast before getting on the bus for a 1.5 hour drive south to Monterey. We started at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where Ms. Gam gave us an overview of the local ecosystem and then broke into our teams tour the aquarium.

  • We had lunch in the cafeteria before moving on to our Princess Monterey Whale Watching Cruise. We had a great trip with multiple humpback sightings. The humpbacks put on a show with breaching and even a double breach (which is unusual). We also saw a very large group of porpoising sea lions.

  • After the whale watching trip, we walked around Monterey a little bit, and enjoyed dinner at either the Sea Harvest Fish Market or the Cannery Row Brewing Co.

  • Returned to the hotel for a little bit of relaxation time.


  • Tuesday morning we started off with breakfast at the hotel at Mums Restaurant.

  • Then we boarded our bus and headed to Stanford University for our student-led tour.

  • We had lunch on campus and spent some time at the school store before heading to Cisco for our tour.

  • After our excellent Cisco tour, we headed off to the Tech Museum in San Jose.

  • We had dinner at Johnny Rockets and then back to the hotel.


  • On Wednesday morning, we started walking toward Industrial Light and Magic at the Presidio, and stopped along the way to pick up breakfast at Starbucks or the Juice Bar. After breakfast, we continued on to the Presidio, stopping along the way to enjoy the views and for Dr. March to fill us in on the history of the Presidio and ILM.

  • We arrived at ILM and received the grand tour from Mrs. Green's sister, Kat.

  • After our tour, we had lunch in the ILM cafeteria.

  • We took the local bus from the Presidio to Pier 33 for our Alcatraz tour. Dr. March gave us a brief history of Alcatraz before we boarded the boat. Once on Alcatraz, we broke into groups for an audio tour.

  • After we escaped from Alcatraz, we walked to Rosa Mexicano for dinner.

  • One more trip on a local bus and we finished another day.


  • On Thursday morning, we boarded the buses for the trip to Muir Woods. Ms. Gam talked to us about the history of Muir Woods. Then we had breakfast at the cafe there and took a great hike.

  • We hiked for so long that we ended up having lunch at the Muir Woods cafe and then going to the Marine Mammal Center.

  • On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a beautiful outlook for a photo shoot.

  • Then we returned to the hotel to go shopping and have dinner in Japantown.


  • Time to head home! We board the bus at 8:00 am and land at Washington Dulles at 9:10 pm.