Guest Speakers at LSG

2017-2018 school year:

  • Mr. Stasi Poulos joined us to talk about flying, aerodynamics, and his company, Mindstar Aviation.
  • Ms. Solitaire Carroll from One Sparrow stopped by to talk to us about her organization and their mission. One Sparrow is a non-profit working to reduce homelessness and extreme poverty around the world.
  • Ms. Danielle Nadler, a reporter for Loudoun Now and author of Without A Trace: The Life of Sierra Phantom, joined us for lunch to talk about self-publishing.
  • Mr. David Stewart, who wrote the book that the middle school students are currently reading, The Summer of 1787, spent an afternoon with us talking about his book and signing our copies. 
  • Ms. Suzie Bartel joined us to talk about her Sources of Strength program. 
  • Johnny Perez, the Director of U.S. Prison Programs for the National Religious Campaign against Torture, visited our school at the behest of The Marshall Project. Mr. Perez challenged us to consider that in a civilized and democratic society, we have a choice about how we hold people accountable for breaking the law. Our justice system, he argued, should reflect our shared values and affirm human dignity. He drew on his experience (he was incarcerated for thirteen years and spent three years in solitary confinement) to articulate the brutal shortcomings of our current system.
  • Spoken-word artist, educator, and motivational speaker Joseph Green led our high school students in a writing workshop. We did some community-building exercises and warmups before we worked on a writing prompt: "this is not a __, it is a __." The prompt asked students to see ordinary things – a school, a chair, a tree – in new ways. Joseph Green explained: "A very gracious teacher in middle school gave me the ability to see things differently from the way they are – even to see what is not possible." He told students that this ability is needed if we want to create things that have never existed before. We need to see in new ways if we want to build a better world.
  • Author Glenn Frankel, who wrote one of the books that one of our history classes is reading, The Searchers came to talk to us. He lead a discussion and then signed our books.
  • Author Brian Jay Jones joined us to talk about George Lucas' career, and the biography that he wrote for Mr. Lucas, George Lucas: A Life.
  • One of our seniors hosted a State Government and Local Politics Panel featuring Delegate Jennifer Boysko and Delegate David Reid.

2016-2017 school year:

  • Ms. Mary Schaller from the Richard III Society, an organization that for years has labored to prove the innocence of King Richard III of England, accused of murdering his two nephews to seize the British crown, joined us.
  • Mr. Michael Cannon, the Director of Health Policy at the Cato Institute, shared a libertarian's viewpoint of the upcoming election with us. 
  • Mr. Steve Connors joined us to talk about his documentary, On Shifting Ground, about the experiences of a group of organizations before, during, and after the April, 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal. 
  • Mr. Mitch Yockelson, who wrote Forty-Seven Days, stopped in to talk to us and sign copies of his book which students read earlier in the semester.
  • Mr. David Lario, Senior Professional Staff Research Scientist at The Johns Hopkins University, joined us to talk about the heliosphere. 
  • Singer/songwriter Mr. Reggie Harris told us stories about history through music.
  • Mr. James McGrath Morris spoke about: his new book, The Ambulance Driverswhich was recently reviewed in the The Washington Post and The Economist); the importance of cultural capital; and how empathy, gratitude, and complexity have shaped his beliefs.

2015-2016 school year:

  • Ms. Christina Romanelli shared her expertise on early modern English literature.
  • Mr. Charles Yaghmour, who was born in Syria, talked to us about growing up there and what his extended family, who still live there, are experiencing now.
  • Mr. Carlos Hernandez Lopez, who is an officer in the Spanish army and currently works for the Department of Defense in the Spanish Embassy, came to talk to our Spanish students about Spain - in Spanish, of course.
  • Mr. Kent Clizbe came in to tell us about the NY Times articlewhere he is featured as the person who uncovered the deception of Wayne Simmons.
  • Mr. Brock Jolly, from the College Funding Coach, shared some pointers on paying for college. 
  • Mr. David Manning talked to us about Equinix, a large data center in Ashburn and the role that data centers play. 
  • Ms. Robyn Lady & Ms. Alice Robertson, college admission counselors, shared information on the college admission process and what we should be doing now to get ready.
  • Ms. Louise Winzor, a former student at the Ashburn Colored School,  told us stories about her time at the Old School.
  • Dr. Stephen Hollingshead joined us for a fascinating discussion on the Middle East and his views on the $15 minimum wage.
  • Ms. Wendi Manuel-Scott, a World History professor at George Mason, talked to us about the black experience in Virginia in the time period surrounding the years that the Ashburn Colored School was open.
  • Mr. Jack Levenson, from Solar City, joined us to talk about solar energy.
  • Mr. Larry Roeder discussed the Edwin Washington Project and the research opportunities that are available for our students. 

2014-2015 school year:

  • Ms. Rebecca Kamen, a Science Spark Nifty Fifty speaker joined us to discuss the intersection of art and science.
  • Mr. Nathan Crozier, the Director of Admissions at the University of Richmond, discussed what it really takes to get into a top flight school. 
  • Sheriff Mike Chapman joined us to talk about what being the sheriff entails and how an elected position differs from an appointed one.
  • Dr. David Angelini, Assistant Professor of Biology at Colby College, joined the Life Science class to share his research on the red-shouldered soapberry bug, Jadera haematoloma. Based on Dr. Angelini's visit, our students are now in a position to contribute to this research. The middle school students already made a significant finding that helps Dr. Angelini with his research: they found both juvenile soapberry bugs and a related species on a Golden Rain Tree in Leesburg. This is significant because it is the first positive identification of either species on a Golden Rain Tree in Loudoun County.
  • Ms. Catherine Hoskinson from Cornerstones spoke to students about the local hunger program and what we can do to help. We will be donating baskets to their Thanksgiving Food Drive.
  • Mr. Bill Redpath,  the Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's Tenth District for 2014. 
  • Major General Roger A. Nadeau came to talk to us about how the military is used as an instrument of national power to follow the will of the country. We express that will through our vote for both the president and congress. He led us through the Cold War to the issues that we are facing today with ISIS and Russia. 

2013-2014 school year:

  • Mr. Coleman to talk about the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Sandra O'Connell - author of An American Family in World War II
  • Jeff Consiglio - the Academy Award winner for his work on the documentary Inocente
  • Cameron Robertson of Aerovelo
  • Dr. Mario Livio - astrophysicist and an author of works that popularize science and mathematics
  • NBC Newscaster Beth Nissen
  • Federal Judge Roger Vinson
  • Amy and Leon Kass