Wednesday, October 23, at 10am

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LAS New Campus

New Campus

We begin the 2019-2020 school year in our new campus at 20577 Ashburn Road. Designed for us by award-winning architects, this exceptional space is the ideal learning environment. We now have a science lab, makerspace, student lounge, and athletic field. We have applied 11 years of learning to make the space better than ever for secondary students who want to do great things.

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Extraordinary Faculty and Seminar Classes

Our teachers are amazing. They are highly knowledgeable, intellectually curious, enthusiastic about mentoring students. They are here because they want to help students learn deeply and achieve success in college and long afterward. With small class sizes and professional freedom, they can design seminar classes that promote discussion, collaboration, and critical thinking.

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Compassionate Environment and Daily Happiness

We are small by design. We want students to love being at school every day; not just because they love the books, classes, and intellectual discussions, but because they feel like they are part of a community and know they have something valuable to contribute.

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Innovative Academic Program and Student Freedom

Everything we do is designed for deep learning about important subjects. Students deserve the best teachers and content, and an environment focused on thinking, asking, discussing, and doing. We offer an academic program without equal, and we give students the freedom to forge their own paths.

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The private school designed to engage and inspire students in grades 6-12.