Positive Culture

Our school is small by design. We want students to love being at school every day—to feel they belong to a community and know they have something valuable to contribute.

Academic success begins with a sense of belonging. When our students go to lunch together, no one sits alone. Our open campus fosters the social connections that bring play and joy to the school day. We care about the time between classes because that is when students find the confidence and security to do their most innovative thinking.

Our students have the freedom to discover their gifts. Our goal is to help students take their place in the world as confident, capable, and compassionate citizens. So we give them an unexpected level of choice and autonomy. Come see (and feel) for yourself a culture that promotes civil discourse, intellectual engagement, and — above all— a sense of belonging, where no one feels invisible and everyone has a voice. We have no doubt your child will want to be an LSAS student.