2017-2018 High School Tuition: $27,600                          
2017-2018 Middle School: $25,300

*There will be an additional fee for students in AP courses, given the cost of AP books.
**There are optional additional costs for our autumn East Coast overnight trip, spring middle school US trip, and international high school trip.


  • If you choose to pay your tuition in full before September 1st, you will receive a discount of 2.5% ($640 and $582.50 respectively).
  • Community Service - annual tuition for students whose parents work as police officers, firefighters, school teachers or members of the military will be reduced by $2,500.
  • Sibling - If siblings enroll, annual tuition for the second and any additional siblings will be reduced by $2,500.

Capital Drives

Loudoun School does not conduct fundraising or capital drives to raise additional funds.