Here’s why:

  • We have the most intellectually capable, creative, and kind teachers you will find at any school, anywhere, and they have time for every one of their students.
    • Our average class size is about five students and our teachers’ total student load - across all of their classes - is about 30 students.
    • What this means, if you compare our classes to an average public school class, is that each child receives about 500 percent more individualized instructional guidance in each class.
  • Your money goes directly to paying highly learned and capable professional teachers to help your child outperform.
    • We spend over $16,000 in instructional costs alone for every student. This does not include the costs for non-instructional staff and administrators, physical plant, vehicles, equipment, technology and all of the other investments we make to provide the ideal learning environment and experience.
    • We spend far more per child than the national median instructional cost for independent schools.
  • For a high school student, it costs only about $20 per hour to work with scholars in a learning environment optimized for advanced study.
    • Tuition includes the cost of dozens of local trips each year, music instruction, physical education, books, and coming early and staying late.
    • We don’t ask you for more money, as almost all other independent schools do. You pay the price listed, and no more.
  • We cost less than almost every “comparable” secular day school in the Washington, D.C., suburbs because we spend much less on administrative salaries and we optimized our physical plant for learning, not for sports and activities better left for dedicated facilities outside of school.
  • Because of our size and focus, we are the only secondary school that can offer a learning environment dedicated both to academic excellence and to daily happiness.
    • We are able to do this because of the scholars we hire, the students we enroll, and our small size.
    • Ours is an adult-led environment, so the social drama and nonsense that too often dominate the middle and high school experience for advanced students are absent at our school, giving students a chance to be themselves and to thrive.
    • You can’t have a great academic and social environment at a large school, just as you can’t have a football team at a small school .

What all of this means is that you are truly getting the best bargain in secondary education when you enroll at Loudoun School for the Gifted.