We Chose LSG!

3 out of 4 students who were accepted by AOS and/or TJ (as well as LSG) this year chose LSG. Why?

  • Accelerated courses in BOTH STEM AND humanities.
  • Flexibility to design a curriculum around the subjects you love.
  • Great working relationships with unequaled teachers and motivated peers, balancing academic excellence and humanity.
  • Opportunities to connect classroom work to the world, with experiences and trips not offered anywhere else.
In a word: incredible. The educational vision is strong, focused, and unlike any other I have come across. My daughter is finally challenged by like-minded peers and teachers who are more like mentors, in an environment that is supportive and free of typical middle school distractions and pressures. There is a premium placed on critical thinking and expression which is sorely absent in alternate school systems. It’s the sort of school you’ve always wished for your gifted child but never actually thought did exist. We are so thankful to have come across LSG!
— LSG Parent

There is still time to join us for the 2018-2019 school year.

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