Our Mission

Loudoun School for Advanced Studies offers an academic program that engages and challenges students with real-world problems as well as a learning environment that promotes curiosity, self-reliance and citizenship.

Our teachers empower students to gain confidence, build knowledge, discover new interests and develop into lifelong learners and leaders. We want our students to be happy and optimistic, not overwhelmed and anxious. At LSAS, our students’ voices are heard and their ideas are valued. Together, the faculty and students have built a place where we all feel a deep sense of belonging.

Our courses emphasize research, problem solving and collaboration. Curious students who aspire to positively impact the world belong at Loudoun School for Advanced Studies.
  • Mixed grade classrooms allow students to rise to their appropriate academic level without the social complications of skipping grades.

  • A strong sense of community is deeply embedded and celebrated throughout our school’s culture.

  • We value innovation, creativity and flexibility so we are always learning together.